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Cabinet Design

I have been in the design business and specialize in designing kitchens and baths for the last 15 years. There are all types of cabinets to choose from out there. One thing I know for sure is, there is a cabinet line for every budget. 
One of the most important steps to take when designing a kitchen is to work with a professional kitchen designer. I have had so many clients amazed at how a kitchen designer layouts out a kitchen vs a contractor or achitect. We need contractors and srchitects to help bring the design to life, but we need the kitchen designers to make sure the design, funtion and flow of the kitchen works for every individual homeowner.

Free Tile Projects

It's amazing how many projects you can create with free tile.
Slate Tile can be used as Tic tac Toe boards. Buy some chalk, mark your tile, and use rocks painted different colors as your markers.
Quartz samples can be used as cheese boards, cutting boards and hot plates. Quartz is non porous,  anti-microbial and it won't mark up when you cut on it. Quartz tile samples also come in a lot of fun colors like red, bright blue and lime green.
Create a fire pit area with mix match tiles in different shapes and sizes.


I am so excited to share a great find with all of you. Many granite stores have 4x4 and 12x12 samples of granite. When these become discontinued they throw the samples away.
These sample work great as coaster or hot plates, indoors or out and look very high end.

Art, Family Photos

i have been on vacation for a little while. I am back now. While on vacation I was surrounded by beautiful scenery. There are rooms in my own home I have been looking for just the perfect wall hanging. It wasn't until I was on vacation I thought to myself I would create my own. I took pictures of everythng from sunsets, to river rocks, to sail boats, to pictures of my kids. When taking the pictures I wanted to take the photos at the most unusual angle I could think of. I didnt want it to be obvious it was a picture of a sunset or a sailboat.

Design with Nature

I have been so inspired by nature in my latest designs.
I found a fallen tree trunk on a recent hike. It was the perfect width to make chargers for my indoor or outdoor dining table.
I took the stump to a local wood worker to have him cut the stump to 1" thick pieces and 15" circles. It was beautiful! The look was so natural but elegant at the same time. I mixed the rest of the table setting with a vase full of twigs and flower petals. That night at my BBQ I received so many compliments on my new chargers.

Carpet Samples

An inexpensive way to create a great looking and very unique area rug is to collect carpet samples from flooring shops in your area.
Often times companies throw out discontinued samples which you can pick up for free.
Once you get all the samples home, play with the layout until you find something you like.
When your design is finalized,  you can use carpet tape or even duct tape to hold all the carpet tiles together.
Then all you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

Saving Those Special Flowers Forever

Have you ever wished you could save a special flower arrangement forever?
Now you can!
Take the vase the flowers came in to your local glass or mirror company. Ask them to drill a hole directly in the middle in the bottom of the vase. The hole must be large enough to accommodate the lamp kit purchased at the home improvement store.
Have the flowers freeze dried.
Put the lamp kit together and add the freeze dried flowers into the vase arranged nicely around the light post.
Turn on the light and enjoy your creation and the memories of your flowers for many years to come.

Designing with Sports Equipment

I have 3 boys still at home, all have played a variety of sports.
Some of the sports equipment I want to keep and incorporate in there rooms.
I have taken 3 hockey sticks and attached them together around a black plastic tube to create a floor lamp.
Old soccer ball were re-purposes as finials on the 4 poster bed.
All there jerseys throughout the years have been cut and sewn together to create custom quilts for them to keep for years to come.
It's really a lot of fun! 

Designing with coconuts

Have you ever thought about using coconut husks in your design.
It is a fantastic option and very cost effective.
Coconut hush are being used in tiles, room divider panels,backsplash, as well as lamp shades.
This material is becoming more populate as it starts to grow in its many different uses around the home.
It is a very beautifully look and offers a lot of natural texture to any room.
Google coconut husk decor and see how you might be able to incorporate it in your home.

Contest Winner

I am very excited to share with you our news.
Our lead designer Kelle Sampson won a national design contest through LG and kitchen and bath with her unique creative kitchen ideas and design.
You can visit the LG website to share the experience with us and view the winning designs.
Congratulations Kelle on a job well done.

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